Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Day has come finally

And then there where two, yes I must mention that Amy my girlfriend has decided to come along for the ride, the ride to South Africa. After a hectic few weeks and me with hardly any hair left from pulling it out we are finally leaving in the morning. Ready or not!! So all this we have to fit in our luggage, Amy is that a lipstick I see in the pile?? Note the Aussie flags on the pluggers! fits!

So yes tomorrow morning we are having a few people over for a bacon and egg breaky and then hit the starter buttons on the two Honda machines and point them towards Dover for the ferry to France.

We have no time limit but both can't wait to hit the African continent so we will soak up the nice food of France and Spain for a few weeks before we have Cous Cous coming out our ears and maybe other places in Morocco!

Stay tuned, here we go.