Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines,

Wow, what a crazy week it has been, getting everything sorted for the big race, I never realized there was so much involved, I think the easy part will be riding the bike! I just can'twait to get into it. I have had two days of scuterneering making sure the Honda CRF is up to scatch, all went well except for a few wiring problems with the sentinal, which is the device that warns me if a car or truck is about to overtake, a loud buzzer goes off, since the bikes start first then the cars and trucks I sure hope not to get passed by any trucks, if I do I guess I will be having a bad day. But again I just keep telling myself to get to the end, enjoy it and have a great time, after all its not everyday one gets to race around a desert with the highest dunes in the world! Better not crash out on day one now!!

Nervous, well not yet but I am sure that will come, but excited I am, I cant wait. Tomoorow is the prologue, just a quick lap around a short track to determine the starting grid of the first day. There is 5 days covering a total of 2200 k's, the actual race legs range from 300 to 400 a day, I am not sure I know what I've got myself in for, to late now, hmm I wonder if Marc Coma is thinking that right now.....some how I don't think so. In total there is 60 Bikes, I am number 57, 20 quads, about 25 cars and a few trucks, for my second race in my life I kinda picked a big one.

Again if your interested to see how I get on go to Oh and by the way for those of you you who are wondering who Marc Coma is he is the number one in the world, the only time I will see him is in the meal tent at night if I finish in time of course!!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Next Challenge

Right then there is another twist in The Hard Way Home, its a little of the track but I am now back in Dubai, I can see a few raised eyebrows out there for those who don't know but I am competing in the UAE Desert Challenge, its an endurance race through the desert for 5 days, its always been a dream of mine to do the Paris to Dakar but of course its expensive, now the Desert Challenge is more affordable but still on a world level, all the top riders of the world will compete, the cars and the trucks, for me it will be a challenge which I think most of you now know I enjoy and I believe more than ever if you can make your dreams come true you must, anything is possible! I cant say I will exactly be racing against the best in the world but at least in the same race as them! I will pilot a CRF450 X rally bike, of course a Honda as my weapon of choice, what else is there, maybe a Sunik, nah clutch problems!

The race starts on the 24th of October and goes for 5 days, it is a test of man and machine at the highest level, I cant wait and I would be lying if I said I am not as nervous as hell!! So I hope that I have loads of support and the more encouragement the better, I do always enjoy receiving emails from everybody and anybody, the race can be seen online at and it will have live updates as it unfolds.

My goal is to just make it to the finish line. Wish me luck.