Monday, September 25, 2006

Goodbye England hello France

Lets Go.

What a feeling to ride away from 18A Chelverton Road my home for the past 18 months, was very exciting, and the nerves where flowing. we road about 50 meters and was stopped at our first red light!!! Typical London the traffic seem to be the worst I have ever incounterd, we could not wait to reach the fringes of London to atleast get into 3rd gear. Get us out of London is all I could think.

Hassle free all the way to Dover we made some last minute adjustments to the bikes and boarded the ferry for France, could not beleive I was leaving England forever, very strange feeling. Calais was as far as we made it, think the tension before departure and the weeks, months of arduous preparation making sure we had everything sorted was finally lifted from our shoulders and such releif drained all our energy, could not beleive this day had come! So long England!!

So long England!

France was awesome, only ever been to Paris so did not have much to judge it on but the roads we travelled down to Andorra on gave us some amazing scenery and plenty of camp grounds in some sleepy little French towns, and they are actually quite a friendly bunch aswell!

Le Mont Saint Michel(France)

Accross the Pyrenees was spectacular into Andorra but can´t say the same for that place, what a shit hole, mind the french, must of picked it up on my way through. So straight onto Spain where it has been raining ever since we got here, so time for some R and R and a few nights out of the tent in Granada, Africa is close now!