Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thankyou everybody

Where to start, although my bike was stolen in Dubai I have had a great stay and some great opportunities present themselves, and met loads of great people. In no particular order at all and hope not to leave anyone out but thanks to Sean, Jayne and the crew at Gecko's for approaching Rob Klubmen at Al Futtaim Honda for arranging a replacement bike, Chris Cargill at Icon for the work on the frame and other bits and pieces and endless non serious conversations, all the accommodation we received, especially at yours Colin, sorry for breaking everything we touched and make sure you walk them dogs, anyone that took us riding in the desert, Colin again, Vicky and Mikey, Jason and Hein for letting me race your bike in the Baja, a dream was born because of that. The list goes on, Tim Ansell, not for the condoms but for the article you did in the magazine and radio interviews, Andy for the poster design I presented to the Dubai Centre for Special needs, Rami for printing it, thanks mate. Everyone I had a beer with or shouted me one ( particularly you, Steve White) and again to everyone that helped me out in anyway shape or form, you all know who you are, THANKS

A special thanks to Amy who has not worked for 4 months to put up with me constantly stressing about this whole drama, I take my hat off to you.

Look who's Black

4 months and 17 days ago I arrived in Dubai, and 3 days later the dramas began, starting with the theft of the mother ship. But now finally I am ready to go, I really thought this day would never ever come, but its here.

What I went through to get going again has been one failed plan after another. Firstly after my bike that was stolen was recovered I decided to strip it down and throw away what was unsalvageable, which was a lot! But at closer inspection the frame was quite damaged also so that idea went out the window, so I then tried doing an engine number and chassis number change on the old rego papers in the UK for my old bike, since the frame number is essentially the vehicle I rang the department in the UK and asked if this was possible to do and the fact that I was out of the country made it a bit hard to present for inspection, I was told just to submit a letter from the mechanic explaining the condition of the frame and motor, bingo this was the answer.

I had quite a job ahead of me.
Starting to take shape.
So I waited and waited and after 6 weeks and numerous phone calls to DVLA, UK I was told that I was given false information and could not do an chassis number change, argh the pain. So again back to plan A which was fixing the old frame, into the picture came Icon auto run by the larger than life character Chris Cargill, with the frame fixed and powder coated black I set to work, I rode into the work shop on one bike and worked relentlessly and road away the following day on the same bike but with the old frame as the back bone, since the frame is the bike I have my old bike back, sporting all black panels and a black frame.

The Mother Ship Mk II

So this Saturday I am on the ferry to Iran, since the year has ticked by and the summer season well into gear I will have to move with a bit of haste to get as far north as I can just so I don’t get caught in Mongolia too long, as one does hate the cold. But of course like I always say I have to get there first and take one country at a time.