Saturday, March 12, 2011

So What Does Happen...

.............the 28th of February passed a few weeks back which marked 2 years since I rode the last few kilometres of The Hard Way Home and which also resulted in the final entry in the blog that was followed by so many of you, now some of you do know what the past two years have held for me but I have received quite a few emails over this time asking 'hey Robbo what the hell are you up to now?'

So with another small repeat of an adventure about to begin what better time to let the curious know what does happen when you find yourself waking up in a bed with no where to go that day, a fridge to go to, a toilet to flush and a nice hot regular shower, argh the simple things in life!

I had heard from many of the other over landers that I'd met along the way that once they got home it was hard to adjust, hard to get back into the routine and as I got closer to the finish line I wondered how it would be for me, sure enough I soon understood what they were talking about-it was my turn, my turn to 'fit back in'. It took time to get used to the way of life that I'd been out of for so long but one thing was for sure I never wanted to sleep in another tent again but I found myself I longing to be back out there somewhere on an adventure, I think I spent a lot of the first few months day dreaming of far away places, I missed it, I missed some of the friends I met and to be honest I still do but the idea of living in a tent still does not sound to much so that 2 years on I am yet to unpack my roll bag!

So I spent the first 6 months on the farm helping out my brother in law put the crops in, got myself a WR450 for a bit of fun, not really a lot to do in the Mallee but it does offer some pretty fine dirt bike riding, also pulled on the footy boots for a season with the local club, which resulted in about half a dozen games before getting K.O'd senseless, then coming back to go on undefeated for the year only to loose the grand final by a point, the boots are hung back where they should be.

The 6 or so months at home was great to spend with the family but my feet where itchy and it was time to get out and about again, fortunately a job took me away over to Western Australia for 12 months and now I'm back in the Victorian Bass Straight building oil rigs in Bass Straight.

So its been interesting to say the least, I would not have it any other way, which brings me to my next adventure, no its not the Dakar but again just for the fun of it in 2 weeks I am off to the United Arab Emirates to compete in the Desert Challenge which starts on April 1st, so if you want to follow my days as I race across the desert it will all be live at
This time I'll be aboard a KTM, fingers crossed it gets me to the end like my Honda did last time.

So wish me luck!

Also in the pipe line there is a small challenge been born involving a mad mate from Belgium(Dirk), a very old Citroen C2 and a journey from Antwerp to Vladivostok.....I guess some habits never die!