Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Western Sahara to Mauritania

Well Western Sahara offered us nothing but 100's of kilometres of nothing but at times again I swear we were on the moon, although the roads were straight and long there was the occasional camel, donkey and random Arabs just walking in the desert with nothing, where they come from or where they are going is a mystery, and like I said with nothing no water, no food......mmmm glad I am aboard the 750 Africa Twin!

Gateway to Western Sahara....Tan Tan

Because of the hostilities on the boarder between Western Saharans and Moroccons there are loads of Gendermere Royal(police and military checkpoints) which did become tiring been asked, the usual questions, destination, profession, etc but the first question they always asked was tourist or rally Paris Dakar, always we answered tourist so then came all the next checkpoint when they asked Paris Dakar Rally I answered ¨wee¨ and they waved us on!! Great so from then on we were apart of the Paris Dakar Rally, but the silly buggers don't know its not on til January, works for us though.

Camp with a view

The border crossing from Western Sahara to Mauritania was interesting, exiting Western Sahara we road on dirt tracks for about 5 kilometres with instructions to stick to the road due to landmines known in the area!!! Interesting, after three hours and numerous checkpoints getting insurance, visas and the like we road into Nouadibou( Noo-adi-boo) where the streets are filled with tooting cars, dust, almost more goats than people walking around and the people are very black, feel we have reached another part of Africa, I love it.

Sourced some oil gave the steeds an oil change and check over, so far they have been great, except I have been in puncture Mecca with three in the previous days and my Africa Twin is eating my rear PIRELLI tire for breakfast, lunch and dinner!! But Amy's is fine.......guess shows who is spinning the back wheel more hey and one might say having the most fun.......ha ha!