Saturday, April 21, 2007


With a visa dead line to get to Angola before the 14th of April, we decided to move through Gabon as quickly as possible but I had the problem of a fast wearing back tire so to go or not to go to Libreville the capital to try and find a new one played on our mind, it also meant an extra 800 or so k's so it was not an appealing option. Gabon was beautiful, thick rain forest, the trees so enormous towering high both sides of the road and the main road was music to my suspension smooth as silk, well with the amount of logging trucks carting the forest away the better the roads the quicker they can do it hey...sad! We crossed into the southern hemisphere, my first time in over three years, almost feel like I am home...and decided not to head west to Libreville but East to the Congo, chance it with the tire, what the hell hey!

Crossing the Equator in French.

With a visa dead line to get to Angola before the 14th of April, we decided to move through
In the middle of the Gabon jungle we camped, the night before saw a huge storm and our tent get flooded so I had to get up and make channels to divert the water, guess we should not have set up in a gully! So after a restless nights sleep we woke to a strange buzzing, laid there for a bit and it got louder, I looked out of the tent to see bees, thousands of then swarming over all our stuff, the bikes were covers, Holy Shit what are we going to do, I got out a just stood there so still, bees everywhere in my hair, landing on me, I was petrified, so ever so slowly I picked our helmets up and walked down the track with them about 100 or so meters til there were no bees and returned to the camp repeating this with our jackets, bags and the rest of our gear, whilst Amy packed all she could up inside the tent, time to move the bikes as they where just covered, as I moved Amy's away BANG...a bee hit got me on my little finger, the pain, I pushed it away down the road and returned for mine, my fingers were swelling fast, I tried to push mine, hell its stuck, I looked down, you guessed it, a flat tire, I had to start it and ride it away on a flat tire, few bees followed but not as bad as where we were. Amy was out of the tent by now with everything packed away, the tent was the last item to pack and by now it was covered in bees, I picked it up in the middle and just sprinted down the road with it, bees falling off as I ran. With everything packed away I had to then get the bike pump out and put air in my tire, by now the bees were around again, all through my hair and on my clothes, I could hardly use my right hand as by this stage it was completely swollen, like the elephant man. With just enough pressure in the tire we road down the road with no helmets on leaving the last bee far behind slowly.....what a headache, it took my swollen hand a few days to return to normal!