Monday, January 14, 2008

So Close But Yet So Far!

Still in Djbouti........5 days on, we waited til Monday to go to the Yemeni embassy and joined all the familiar faces of two days previously all waiting for a similar result but Rene and I are the only "tourists" the rest are local people of Djibouti and others from Somalia, we waited again and waited, finally again to be told that the stickers have yet to arrive from Sana by plane, "tomorrow 10am they be here" beleive it when I see it.

Djibouti City!

Before the embassy visit we took a visit to the port to check out the situqtion for a boat to Yemen, news was bleak, one left last night which was of no use anyway as we are yet to get a visa and the next is maybe Wednesday, maybe Thursday! So our request for 2 nights at Hotel British Consulate has turned into 4 and will be stretched to another 3 atleast, Africa is hanging onto me for a little longer just to test my patience, it will not win!

Rene and I at Lake Assal.
So our day consists of waiting in the Yemen embassy, going to the internet and eating tuna sandwiches, anything else is to expensive to touch. Yesterday we did take a trip to Lake Assal, the lowest point in Africa, 161 meters below sea level, the landscape of Djibouti is one big lava field spectacular to look at but good for nothing else. At the Lake you can see were the earth is actually splitling apart to which one day this portion of Africa will actual become an island!

161 meters below sea level, no life down here!

The Pans of Lake Assal.

Hotel British Consulate, not bad at all!

So tomorrow at 10am we are ment to have our visa then to the Port again to see a man about a Boat, I will be out of Africa when I am unloading my Trusty Stead onto Yemeni soil.