Sunday, March 09, 2008

The HARDEST way home!!

It's now been five weeks since my bike was stolen and I although I now have the replacement bike I still wish my old one would reappear just to make life simpler. From this end its working out quite well, overcoming each little problem as I go. The biggest problem was how to register it, I would have to have a resident visa for the UAE to get the paper work in my name which in turn is required to get the bike into my home country Australia, to overcome this I will just get an export plate for the bike before leaving and this also includes the papers in my name, great, at this point I thought my problems were solved, was I wrong!

As it stands now I can't ride home! Australian laws state you must have owned your vehicle and used it for a period of longer than 12 months, which with my old bike was never a problem but now I have a new bike due to somebody stealing my other bike, and I will be home in Oz within 6 months. Rules are rules but they will not even consider giving 'special consideration' to my case. Again another thing I cant believe, firstly it was getting a bike stolen in UAE and now my own countries laws will be the very thing to stop me completing this epic journey, I would have understood if it was maybe a civil war in Congo, Malaria in Angola or bandits in Kenya but nope its going to be my own Country, Australia!!

My new bike from Al Futtaim Honda Trading Enterprises that at this stage I CAN'T ride home!

I can't let the thieves win and I sure hope somebody in the Australia Customs uses some common sense in my situation.