Monday, August 18, 2008


After a week in Bishkek waiting for Dirks Kazak visa I was bored senseless, then to top it off I fell ill with a horrific stomach bug, gut wrenching pain and of course the not so nice result from the bowls! But not wanting to spend another minute in the city Dirk and I loaded up the morning after the visa came through and headed for Almaty. Still not feeling the greatest we set off for the short 300 ks we had to do. The border crossing was the easiest I have encounter in a very very long time, through in no time at all, feeling chuffed with the day and flying across the wide flat plains in Kazakhstan \i let my concentration lapse what happen next you’d never guess, I tried a fart and shat myself, so here I am on a treeless plain cleaning my strides out whilst the Kazakhs drove past giving me a toot, lovely, welcome to Kazakhstan!

Yep there I am in Kazakhstan, fantastic.

The stay in Almaty was short, we hooked up with a local Biker, a real biker, for example I just ride a motor bike, by no means am I a biker, these guys were, they ode choppers, I was the only one without a tattoo, leathers, chains, the whole works, lovely people though giving us a bed for our stay in Almaty. For once the visa saga went without a hitch, with Mongol taking a day and and only a transit visa needed for Russia, we had that one in about an hour, then sporting clean underwear it was north toward Russia across a very boring uninteresting landscape of Kazakhstan. It only took us 2 and a bit days to cover the 1500 k’s to the border, so as for Kazakhstan, short sweet, hassle free and no I did not see Borat but I think I may have seen his sister!

Camping in Kazakhstan.
What lays ahead is still a question, well China is the question, I have attempted to get my Chinese visa twice thus far but both times with no success and that goes with many people I have spoke with, China is closed for the moment due to the Olympics, Tibet issues, of course if you have a ticket for the games then sure it is possible but for a smelly traveller like me forget it. Before that anyway it is into Russia and then onto Mongolia-kind of feel like I am headed into a corner, into a very remote corner of the world and then if I get the Chinese visa then I still have to find a way of getting the mother ship over the border and if that happens I then have to try riding it 4500 k's to Loas which is NOT allowed, hmm a challenge lays ahead, if it does not work the options are limited, maybe then I will have to fly from Ulaan Batar to Bangkok over China at of course a very hefty cost. So anyway what ever the case the coming weeks will be exciting and one thing I have learnt is sometimes the impossible is possible!