Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Background info

A little about myself first....I grew up on a farm in the heart of the Mallee, Northern Victoria, with my elder sister and of course mum and dad. This is where a passion of mine was born, motorbikes. My father bought me my very first bike, a Honda Z50 and ever since then I have hardly never not had a motorbike in my life, road or trail! Life was great on the farm but having a bumpy ride through school I had to change schools 4 times just to find someone to put up with me, but in the end I past my final year in Mildura, much to my mums amazement as I was living with 4 other mates(for some strange reason I never had homework).

From there I decided to join the Airforce as an avionic engineer, at the time it sounded good but never really new what it entailed, of to Adelaide for 10 weeks for basic training then, Wagga Wagga for a year of trade training. After Wagga I was posted back to Adelaide where the real job was to start. I spent 6 years in the RAAF with a lot of very great times, great experiences, great mates and a hell off a lot of great hangovers! But after a while I became a little bored with things and went and trained as a commercial diver(underwater construction), after leaving the RAAF.

Before I landed a diving job I ended up traveling to Japan to teach english for a short period, realizing I was wearing the wrong kind of of suit to work(should have been a wet suit) and the fact that I still had to master the engwish wanguage myself, it just was not for me, so after a little traveling about it was back to Oz, with a few different jobs here and there I scored a diving number in Port Lincoln on the tuna farms and found myself stuck out at sea in the middle of the great Australian Bight bobbing up and down with the sharks for two months. Loved it! This lasted a season and then I packed up the 4WD and headed to Broome via the west coast, what a place, ended up working in the northern Kimberly region on a pearl farm. Still a little restless and missing the diving thing I found a job working up and down the WA coast with a diving team doing all kinds of amazing stuff! This lasted only a short time as I just had this burning desire to travel, travel been the other passion in my life.

Up until this stage I had been fortunate enough to have a father to take me on camping trips all over Australia as a young lad which planted the seed to what was to come. Also the RAAF sent me to the States and all over Oz and along with a few mates over my working years I had been to a few South East Asian countries....But I had this need to travel without any limits, no time limit, no direction and no money limit(the diving paid quite well.) 10 days after quitting my job I was on a one way ticket to Singapore, and a day after landing found a long time mate Clint on a beach in Thailand.

After 6 months in South East Asia I had managed to see the Orangutans in Borneo, amazing people of Cambodia, the famous Mekong in Loas, white sand in Thailand and to top it all off dislocate my elbow and break my arm in freak accident on the beach involving lots of Sam song thai whisky and a burning ring of fire!! This lead me to having daily treatment at the Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok for three and a half weeks. From here it was a sequence of meeting different people that lead me to eventually traveling to London, then the middle east, finally ending up back in London working and living.....something I never ever considered!