Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Plan So Far

Working in London, living in the UK has enabled me to travel to places I may only ever dreamed of, like going to Iceland last year, also places like Bosnia, Austrian Alps, Northern Sweden and to run with the bulls in Pamplona Spain, it has all been brilliant but I have become a little bored with it all.....Been the person I am never content I have dreamt up my next adventure. One passion been motor bikes and the other been traveling, I thought why not combine the two for the ultimate adventure......I am going to ride a bike from London to the farm in the heart of the Mallee, Turriff, Victoria, Australia, the hard way home.(hopefully).

The plan is to ride from London to Mainland Europe to France down to Spain, then into Africa, a place I have always dreamed of. Bare in mind this is all only a rough plan-then down the west coast of Africa, through the Sahara, then taking in such countries as Mali, Ghana, Cameroon, Congo, Angola, onto South Africa. Then hopefully my backside will not be to sore and the wallet is still reasonably full in which case I will head north up the East Coast through Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and into Egypt. Then up through the middle East to Turkey and onto Kazakhstan, into Russia and then down to Mongolia, riding across the Gobi desert. From Mongolia it gets tricky as there are a few problems in entering China, fingers crossed I get in and then its south to Loas, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, boat across to Indo and then island hop across the number of Indonesian islands to East Timor where I will put my trusty steed on a ship for Darwin. And finally if I am not over it by then Darwin to Cape York, Cape York to Turriff! All in all I should take in a site or two and cover around 40 thousand kilometers.

But at any given time if it is beyond me for any reason at all, like health, wars, sore backside, loneliness or any reason what so ever I will not hesitate to load everything on a plane and head home, plans always change!