Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Our view...whats yours?

A week on and we have not really made it far at all. We made it down to Gibralter, back to some English life for a night and boy was the Surf n`turf we ordered a real treat, reason been was that we thought that it would be our last night in Europe and the frontier of Africa was awaiting us the following day after picking up some new tires for the trusty steeds.

Yep thats Gibralter, "The Rock of Gibralter"

Well a week later and we are still in Spain, the "trusty" steeds was not so, well one Africa Twin to be exact, as I was taking the rims off for the tyres to be fitted I dicoverved a broken fork seal, so after the new tyres were fitted, which to all fellow bikers gives a warm fuzzy feeling inside....which Amy did not quite understand. We then decided to head back into Spain to seek a honda shop of sorts to get some fork seals. Off to Algerceris we went and sure enough found a bike shop or should I say bike mechanic that could help, but been Spain it was 2pm and of course Siesta, shops close for a few hours.....come back at 4........Africa was slipping away every minute, so close but so far!!!! With the help of a chap called Frank who was able to talk a little English and take us to a superb Spainish bar for some real good food we drove all over town in search of Honda Africa Twin fork seals. After exhausting most places the only option was to order them in, ok sounded good to me....Tuesday 4pm....aaarrrgggghhhh, and to make it all the more worse you can see Africa across the straight of Gibralter, only about 20 kilometers away!!! So Frank recommended to head around the coast a little to a place on the beach called Tarifa where we could find a camp ground, did not sound like a bad option as the weather is a fine 36 degrees.

Well that was 4 days ago now and I tell you its been fantastic, we met a dutch couple travelling around, Marcel and Monique, oh and Woody there beautiful dog, staying where we were and for the past 4 days the beer has flowed, the muscles relaxed and a great time had by all, going to be hard to leave this part of the world, but once again everytime we sit up in our tent all we see is Africa, sometimes I think its calling me, Robbo, Robbo...or that could be something to be with all the over indulgence of a certain drink, Amy can´t hear it!!!

Amy and her new pal Woody

Our view from our camp, that is Africa in the distance(and I can hear it calling me!)

But as I sit and type the Honda is getting fixed, Amy´s bike is ready to go, gave it an oil change and check over as with mine so tomorrow Africa. Touch wood!

Adios Amigos