Sunday, October 15, 2006

We Finally Made It!

I swear when we crossed the straight of Gibralter we actually flew to another planet, boy did things change dramatically, from the landscape to the people, we entered an Arab world which for some of you may no what that equals, yep squat toilets and no bog roll.

I will say straight away that this place is very beuatiful before I mention what its actualy like incase it sounds horrible, but to us we are loving it. I thought the Mallee back home was dry, this part off the world is so harsh and the people have very little especially on the roads we are taking. We headed across the Riff mountains where some of the best hashish is grown in the world and was that clear, about every 500 meters we had someone trying with such desperation to stop us and buy a sample, a pot smokers heavan this place. And if it was not the dealers which ranged from 15 year olds to 50 year olds it was the tiny little kids standing on the roads throwing rocks at us, I sure hope they realize I can throw alot harder than they can! ha

Scotty Munros Butcher eat your heart out, and I wonder why we fell ill!!

¨Hey I saw your friend before¨

We headed south towards the Sahara where it became even dryer an dustier where I had yet another problem with my honda, a seized in choke that took me a few days to discover and quite a bit of worry went with it as well. We eventually made it to the dunes on the edge of the Sahara that reach 300 foot into the air, quite amazing, a motorbikers Mecca. As we checked into some luxary, a place with a pool things took a turn fo the worst and not motorbike problems this time but I guess you could say a similar symptom to a bike by the way of valve chattering, yep the fine Moroccon food had got us, we both fell very ill very quickly, so some R and R was needed with the loo at a handy distance. Four days on and we have moved on from both the luxary pool and the stomach cramps, oh the joys of travelling!

The dunes are big out here