Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Past Two Weeks

Maybe there's something in title "The Hard Way Home" the adventure is sure living up to its name! Where do I start, so much has happened, from the beginning I guess.

With the mother ship gone I was undecided of my next move, of course I wanted to go on but the question was how? Within days I had received so many emails from people telling me not to give up, I did know I could not stop at this but to be reminded sure helped me sorting out my next move and to get back on the road.

It was not only the bike that was stolen but all the attachments on it, my GPS(with every single 65 023ks recorded on it since leaving London), my tools, some spares under the seat, all gone. Its well and good to buy a new bike but it does require set up before tackling a ride to Australia, its not just a Sunday drive down to the beach and back now is it! So I thought I would just have to take a loan and get on with it, at was at this point that I was overwhelmed by people- I receive emails from family, friends and complete strangers saying "hey we want to help", "lets raise some cash, its more fun that way"

From the very beginning when this adventure was only a thought in my mind, I made it grow, I worked and planned hard to put it together-never asking anyone for anything but I never thought I would be faced with replacing my bike and kit along the way. And now people wanted to help me, ha me the Aussie Adventurer as the front page of the Gulf news titled me, Alby Mangles eat your heart out!

Onto the scene came Sean Linton, Sean owns and runs Gecko motorcycles, also running an off road rally team here in the UAE, Sean suggested to ask Honda for a new bike, why not nothing to loose, so at this point I have gone from never asking for a thing to approaching Honda for some support and generous people wanting to help me out, how will I ever thank you all enough. Well Sean posed the question to Al Futtaim Honda, UAE and the fact that I was, as mentioned before on the front page of the biggest paper in the Arabian peninsular which may have helped, Honda suggested they'd step up to the plate!!! Holy crap I could not believe it!

Now the biggest problem I face, which is not such a bad predicament to be in, is how does one show his appreciation for the amazing generosity I have been shown whether it be in the form of a Motorbike from Al Futtaim UAE to a donation by you how ever big or small or even an email urging me to keep going and not give up? Its simple, people have helped me in my time of need so if I can do the same for somebody else in an unfortunate position then perfect.

Therefore I want to try and raise some money for the Dubai centre for Special Needs, these kids face problems and obstacle's everyday of their lives, I faced only one big problem and the help I have received has made my life a lot easier so if I can help the misfortunes of others because of my own in any little way then great as I know how it feels.

Its still along way to go, its been over two weeks now and still no bike, the mother ship was never found, many people have suggested its already in Iran or in a container back to Africa, I wounder where it is....... So Honda are still sticking to their commitment but things do happen slowly here in the Emirates, once I get the bike I need to kit it out which will take some time also. Fortunately the bike they are getting me is another Africa Twin, its a 98model, same as the mother ship, so I know it from top to bottom and besides what other bike is there to ride around the world!

Boy does it have some mighty big boots to fill that's for sure!