Friday, February 08, 2008


I write this post at 4.31 in the morning from Dubai, I have just returned back to the place I am staying after spending all night with the police very degected, very defeated, sad and at a complete complete bike has been stolen, my dream, my trip, my journey is over just like that, I hate some people in this world right now, why, why my bike???

From here I do not know, all I can do is cross my fingers that it was only for a joy ride and dumped somewhere not in a river or the ocean or even by now in a foreign land, I have come so far, 32 African countries with no drama and now of all places UAE, people call it the safest city in the world.......and my bike is gone. Where is it right now, every problem I have faced no matter how big it is I have been able to fix, able to control, able to overcome but this I feel completely utterly useless.

My story made front page of the biggest newspaper in Dubai, the Gulf News, the link is below

Gulfnews: Stolen bike brings world tour to a stop

Also in the Age and Sydney Morning Herald