Saturday, May 03, 2008

Am I ever going to leave?

Still here in Dubai, I apologise to any of you out there who became interested in my journey due to my recent misfortunes and I have been idle since then, nothing to update, nothing exciting, no new foreign lands, no new stories, its driving me crazy as well.

I am still waiting for the paper work to take my new bike, very frustrating. I do feel like the momentum has stopped completely, and I have lost a little direction but I am sure once I hit the road, if I ever do, that it will all come back to me, all I want to do now is finish what I started, fingers crossed the papers arrive soon. I am ready, the bike is ready and even my Iranian visa is ready, I panicked a little when another over lander I met, a Canadian was denied his visa, so I rushed to the Iranian embassy to try my luck, I had it the next morning! Maybe that Aussie passport counts for something.

Not once have I been bored here, always something to sort out, chase up or people to see. Been staying with a British lad who lives here, Colin, who has kindly taken Amy and I out to the desert on many rides and the motor cross track for a few scary moments. The generosity of the ex pat community people here has been fantastic.

I can say though that the final leg home will be full of adventure and also I am hatching a small idea in my head that will be revealed later on, you will just have to wait, I certainly hope I can pull it off.

Oh and how can I forget, due to the continuing emails from friends and family regarding the ridiculous state of what was growing on top of my head I have finally done it, I had a haircut, its all off, so long Weasel Gummage.