Friday, May 16, 2008

The Clock Is Ticking

Its sweltering, the traffic is hectic and time is indeed running out, that's a give away to where I am, still in Dubai. I first arrived here on the 4th of February with the intentions of staying 2-3 weeks, to relax and service my bike before heading off on the next part of my journey into Iran and north to Russia. The problem I faced back then was been ahead of time, meaning ahead of the seasons, I would have been heading north into Iran at the end of winter then even more north to Russia where it would have been quite cold and unpleasant, two years in England have made me vow never to go to another cold country but I thought it would add another dimension to the trip riding in some snow but with everyday the weather would have been improving.

Well the tide has turned from one problem to another, the problem I now face is not leaving soon enough, I figure I have to get out of here by the 1st of June then ride north to Russia, across Mongolia and turn south and actually get into China around the start of September in three months before the whether turns cold again. And with so many unknown quantities from visa waiting times, to weather I can get visas or not for some of these countries and then trying to get into China it adds pressure to an already frustrating situation. I rang the people concerned with arranging my papers and all they said is its been processed, now does that mean processed for a positive or negative result? Arrgh the waiting is killing me. One thing is for sure I have learnt a lot about Dubai and know my way around a lot better, so I should I have been here for 3 and a half months!

Again I have kept busy whilst here, done a photo shoot for a magazine, yes with my helmet on, some would say I have a face for radio, speaking of which did a radio interview also, appeared on TV which went to air the other day, wish I had a haircut on that one, I looked like Side Show Bob! I was a guest speaker at a lunch for the heads of Australian businesses here in Dubai, tried to russel up a little sponsorship and support but think all I got from it was a few free Fosters, any beer that's free tastes good! Next week I have a talk with the Dubai Centre for Special Needs, I will take my bike in and show the children and try to explain a little of what I have been doing for the past 19 months. And hopefully I have word on my papers and then I can leave.

At this stage I have no plan B if my papers don't come through, I have used up every other option and this is the last, it will work, it has too.