Monday, December 04, 2006

Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau is a gem, its lush and green and the jungle is thick, there is hardly a car on the road which are also in a great state of repair and the people do not hassle us.

Guinea Bissua

Out here you dont have to look for adventure it comes to you, we took the only road to the coast, Verala which was 50 k's of dirt road and since it is at the end of the rainy season the road was quite bad. We came to a bridge, well what was left of a bridge with the locals slowly trying to fix it. Upon a closer look there was a huge yellow thing in the water, it was a truck!! For 5 months the bridge had been broken after the driver of the truck attempted a crossing at night and found himself swiming for his life, so what to do for us, turn around and give it a miss?? nope the man told us in half an hour it will be ready, where we going to witness a miracle because this bridge would not be ready in a month of Sundays! But sure enough after some deliberate placing of a few planks a makeshift path to push our bikes accross formed. We unloaded the bikes completely and with the help of all our new found friends we pushed Amy's bike over first no problems but then it was time for the mothership to take the journey, with a few tense moments and my heart in my throat we all managed to get it accross, what a releif.

The yellow thing on the right is the truck/workstand!

And of course been the only road in and out ment all haad to be repeated on our return a few days later but once again they were chuffed to see us and honoured to help asking for nothing in return, we gave them some fruit we had picked and a few bottles of water from a well, made there day.

Steady she goes lads this is the mothership remember

A dusty village waiting for a ferry

We have met up with some friends of a friend, Steve(Brit) and Casandra(Aussie) living here in the Capital Bissau clearing landmines around the country and have generously given us there lounge room and most importantly a garage for the trusty steeds, spoilt. Its nice to relax in a house and not have to talk pigeon English and dream about vegemite, chicken parmy's at the pub, cherry ripes.........and again tuna pasta for dinner, my favourite!

One of these is an African chose which one!