Friday, December 01, 2006

To Hell and Back in The Gambia

We arrived into The Gambia where the people once again spoke English, the first time since leaving the UK. WE got comfortable at the Camp ground and went to bed quite relaxed.

10pm something was wrong I was freezing cold and it was far from a cold night, shivering and sweating! Amy asked the night watchmen where the nearest hospital was, it was not far but no taxis at this hour and me been the strongest person in the world decided to see how I would feel in the morning! Morning came with no sleep and deffinately no releif from what ever was inside my body so of to hospital it was. Upon arriving to the dust bowl of a hospital and walking in with old needle packets on the floor and syringes everywhere, they tested for Malaria but it came up negetive, I was getting worse as a failed attempt to get to the toilet in time followed the test, hmm this is shit I thought.

Maternity ward Banjul!!!

So hey decided to treat me for Malaria anyway telling Amy to go buy me Fanta, jesus why did not we think of this cure??? But then followed some pills and an injection in the rear end(we had all our own needles), a few hours passed as I lay on a bed in a room filled with ladies and their screaming babies, I was in a maternity ward! Then came the next symptom, vomiting, once I did that Amy had had enough and asked to get me to a bigger hospital, they aggreed and got the ambulance ready, I hobbled out to it and upon seeing the ambulance I managed a small smile, it was a Toyota Landcruiser Troop carrier, I new this baby would not let me down. The ride into Banjul saw me fly of the stretcher by a foot about a dozen times, they roads are the worst I have felt in Africa! And all for the cost of some fuel, great.

mmm...think I will wait hey!!!

We arrived at the main hospital and the conditions were not much better but the doc did another proper Malaria test and once again negetive but the test showed my blood was fighting something bad, again they decided to treat for Malaria, this tim giving me a drip to be taken over 4 hours, I lay there all afternoon til 7, my whole body was paining, one stage attempting to go to the loo but that alone nearly made me vomit, it was disgusting, once the drip had ran out they promptly removed the canular and told me to go home, I stood up feeling like hell walked to the ambulance and proceeded to vommit everywhere at the hospital entrance, whislt doing so I noticed a poor frog was getting showered by my aim........cant remeber eating him!!!

Another show ride home in the back of the Toyota ambulance troopy and the day was over and I actually started to feel better.

The next day I was almost 80% so I dont think it was Malaria but what ever it was I dont want it again!

We hung about The Gambia for a few days rest and getting a few more Visas and have now arrived back into Senegal. This afternoon we will cross into Guinea Bissau where we have heard of a nice beach, so once again we will be forced to relax and have more fun, tough life but someone has to do it hey.