Friday, December 15, 2006

Sierra Leone

After a few more days resting Amy's ankle in concerning also we arranged our visas for Mali and Sierra Leone. Plus because of our decision to go to Sierra Leone it meant getting a double entry visa back to Guinea which meant a visit to the Guinean Ministry of Interior. Once we found it we of special interest to a few official looking policeman or our bikes more so than us, they gestured to follow them, we walked to a shed and they opened the doors presenting to us the whole fleet of BMW's used to escort the president.......By the amount of dust on them I don't think the president gets out much!!

Sierra Leone here we come

After completing our business we headed for the border, it was getting late by the time we reached it but found nowhere to camp and decided to get through the border and camp out the other side. Not that simple these formalities can take a long time in Africa, eventually we made it through without to many questions...We were in SIERRA LEONE!! Almost dark we managed to find a camp done a small little track in the jungle just beyond the frontier, both wondering about every little noise we heard from the darkness...Well we did not no what to expect!

Wheres Robbo?? They love crowding!! My bike is in there somewhere

We rode off very early the next morning on your typical rough dirt road but then we reached a highway as good as a German autobarn, once I hit 100km/hr I thought the mother ship was about to launch! Just out of the capital Freetown we came to a check point, which was a friendly experience, so friendly infact they fetched us some Poyo(palm wine) to taste...The cops encouraging drink driving, what a place. We are quite supprised with the place, it is very beautiful and the physical emotional scares of a war that ravaged the country for so long and only just ending are few to be seen all over.

The slums of Freetown

They carry everything on their heads, kids with stacks of coal

A camillian on the road

From here we are heading back north to Guinea then onto Mali where we expect to spend Xmas and a journey back into the desert for a week or so to Timbuctoo.