Sunday, January 04, 2009

Crazy Times in Java

And I thought the traffic in Sumatra was something, Java is all that and 10 times as bad, my second day in Java saw me travel 150 k’s in 6 hours and that’s on a motorbike, I would hate to be in a car. Its not just the slow pace, its nearly been killed every kilometer, the fumes from the cars, the lack of road rules, which you might think yeah come on Robbo its Indonesia, yes you are correct but here is some examples, keep left or right or actually anywhere you think will slow down the traffic the best, if one drives a car they have the right to overtake, up a hill on a corner and any motorbikes coming in the opposite direction must seek salvage on the side of the road, when pulling onto a road do not look and once on the road slow right down and perhaps stop if you feel a need, the list of madness goes on and on. Most of the day I commentate inside my helmet as the near crashes and amazing maneuvers that go on until I am involved, one truck did decide he was a bulldozer for a second and ram into my pannier hoping to gain valuable millimeters in his quest to go forward, insane.

I dream of the long roads of emptiness in Australia where I will be able to use the full range of my gearbox and not have to change gears very 2 seconds.