Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Deja Vu

My current situation is almost a year ago to the day when I was waiting in Djibouti for the Yemen visa and then the boat, but this time around it seems worse as I am so close to home, its only 1000 k’s in a straight line to Darwin but right now it looks like at least 3 weeks before I will even set eyes on my home land.

A picture of despair, this is Monday morning, there should be people everywhere and a very large ferry docked...but nothing!

Monday came and went, the day the ferry is meant to leave for Kupang, Timor, I was so desperate that against what everyone had told me I woke at 6am and rode the 10 k’s to the ferry terminal just to make sure that it did not arrive in the night, of course it was not there but I just had to see for myself. After running around all Ende trying to get an answer and making phone calls to every number I could find I have found out that there will be no ferries this week and next week, beyond that they are unsure, the seas are just too rough at this time of the year. So for me it’s a very frustrating situation, stuck in a non desirable place with nothing to do at all, it sure does sound like Djibouti all over again. I have even been to the port to find a local fisherman and pay him a considerable sum to take me the 280 k’s across the ocean to Kupang but no one is up for it, the seas must be bad, so all I can do is wait.

Almost an Alien!

This seems like a real test of my patience which at the moment is running very thin, with yet another stone thrower that actually got me, I think the last attention seeker to do that was back in Mongolia, the constant calling out from the people everywhere you walk or ride and even now they have started to yell, F*@K YOU, I am not even sure they know what it means but they seem to get a kick out of it, all their efforts to get my attention go unanswered, I feel tired but its all just heightened due to the fact that again I am so so close to Australia, I have been away from Australia for over 5 years, what’s another 3-4 weeks…nothing I guess!

Always an admirer.

Nice pannier system...buckets!
Amongst the anxious waiting there is still some amazing things on offer, I took a ride to a place called Kelimutu, its another volcano but this one is full of water and the minerals within the holes of the volcano's cone transform the water into different colors as they dissolve, two complete different colors, dark almost black and the other turquoise, it was very beautiful, and I had the place to myself, was a very nice escape from the constant banter that goes on in the towns.

Kelimutu, the dark and turquoise water.

So close together but so different.