Friday, January 16, 2009

Not there yet

I have left the hectic traffic of the Indonesia I first discovered, after leaving the island of Bali, I arrived to Lombok, still with a touch of tourism and busy streets but then after Lombok it was onto Sumbawa, the ferry ride was only 2 hours but it was like the ride took me back 10 years, what a difference, the roads were empty, the infrastructure seemed a lot less and the way of life was so much more relaxing, it was a welcome change. Even at a slow pace I covered the length of the island in no time and with no dramas. Then it was the long ferry to Flores, I arrived at the port in the late afternoon only to be told the seas where to rough so the ferry would not depart until 4am the following day, it was meant to leave at 6 that afternoon, so it meant a long wait at the port for me. The ferry did leave at 4am and for the next 9 hours I put up with loud talking Indonesia, they think they have to scream to be heard, a few small children amongst the crowd who thought it be a test to cry and scream the entire journey and about 20 boxes full 100’s of chickens that the combined chirping was like some kind of torture, I was glad to get of that boat, the longest is yet to come, Flores to Timor, 18 hours, I just can’t wait!!

The Mother Ship aboard a ferry.

Once in Flores it was of to find the dragons, the Komodo Dragons, Given the name due to the island they inhabit, Komodo Island but instead I went to Rinca island where I was told is a lot better to see the dragons, I understand why they are called what they are as ‘Rinca Dragon’ just does not have the same ring to it. Another boat journey for 2 and half hours to the island, paid a fortune to get into the park only to be told, after payment of course, that it’s the wrong time of year to find them, fortunately I did see them, well two and one was quite a size, just like an over seized Australian Goanna actually, docile looking buggers but I did not want to be on the receiving end of its claws or jaws so I kept my distance.
Lazy Lizards

Not exactley a fire breathing dragon, the lizard that is not me!

So with the Dragons spotted it was time to head toward Ende, the final Port on Flores where I will catch the last ferry to the Indonesian side of Timor. Flores is beautiful, again like Sumbawa, a bit back in time, the kids are waving like back in Laos and people are friendly. Also they way they look has changed, becoming more like what we recognize the look of people from Papua New Guinea.

I arrived, in the rain of course, to the Ende port just to confirm the once a week ferry will leave on Monday, the port was dead but I found one guy washing his clothes under a tap, in very broken English he explained yes Monday, after he pointed to the calendar I showed him on my mobile phone but then he said Monday No, and then made waving motions with his hands and blowing noises with his mouth, I figured out the seas where to rough by his gestures, hmm, this is not good, I asked when then?? He pointed to the following Monday on the calendar, Argh shit that was not what I wanted to hear, one more ferry and I might have to wait a week for it. I know it’s only a week out of what the 120 or so I have already done, but I just had my sights set on getting to Dili, and arriving in Darwin.

Well its not 100 percent yet but I will know Monday morning, I will either be on a boat or be in Ende for a week more.