Thursday, January 22, 2009

Still I wait

I wait, with still no word of a ferry. I have received many words of encouragement from many different people which I appreciate so much and some of you have suggested if I pass through certain areas let them know, I would actually like to do a lap around Australia just to visit everyone of you but I would need another year, but I need a rest and the wallet is almost spent so just to give you all an idea this is my planned route through Australia.

Once arriving in Darwin I will then head south to Alice Springs where I will meet up with a mate of mine, then head out to Ayres Rock for a photo or two with the Mother ship and big red rock and since the Simpson desert is closed we will then head down the Oodnadatta track, yes for you non Aussies that is a word, south through the outback to Adelaide which from there is only a 4 hour ride to the finish line in Victoria. So no Sydney, Melbourne or Perth it’s straight down the middle for me.

But first I have a boat to catch, the island of Timor to cross and again another boat to Darwin before any of the above plan starts.