Saturday, January 10, 2009

The final push

Tomorrow I will hit the road again for the last time before hitting home soil. I have been here in Bali for just over a week and its time to leave as my feet are itchy. It was not your typical stay in Bali that a large majority of people are here for, I spent it relaxing and eating nice food although on one occasion I headed out with my English mate Jeremy that I met first at Lake Toba then again for New Years in Yogyakarta. It was a strange mix of disco bright lights, loud music and loads of young travellers acting in non human ways, all quite a laugh really, I think my party days are over but all the same it was very entertaining. The next day which was today saw Jeremy and I partake in the other religious activity here in Bali, surfing, all I can say is we will not be lining up to the Billabong classic just yet or in the next few life times for that matter!

As nice as the rest has been it will be nice to leave behind the sun glass sellers, the offers of a taxi every 3 metres you walk, a massage, a T-shirt, you name it it is offered, the most interesting of all was Ephedrine, up there with the hand held tazers, I guess if you get hit by a tazer gun you may need some ephedrine to kick start the heart, I understand now, they go hand in hand!

I have just over a week to make Ende where I will catch a ferry to Kupang, the last of the Indo island, the ferry only leaves once a week, the next is the 19th so that should put me in East Timor a few days later sorting out the boat to Oz, so Darwin around the 28th of January.

So my next update should come from Dili as I wait for my 59th and final border crossing, that's one thing I will not miss border crossings!